The Classroom of Life

I correspond through letters with several WordPress writers. The first time Dawn, at Aging With Grace mailed me a letter I was intrigued by her return address stamp on the face of the envelope. It’s round and I hadn’t seen anything quite like it before. She sent me the link to where she purchased it, but I didn’t want to order one just like hers, even though there was something about it that sparked my heart. Whenever I scribbled my return address on the corner of the envelope, I knew there had to be a prettier way!

Last November, I saw some Christmas cards on Etsy that were beautiful in their simplicity. I ordered a few and they did not disappoint. I had forgotten the art of embossing until seeing these cards and remembered how I used to love going to the bank to get something notarized just to watch them use the embosser! (I know, it doesn’t take much) After some Googling I found a company that makes an embosser to reflect return addresses and my heart squealed!

Dreams by the River

After weeks of waiting and the delivery being rescheduled several times, the embosser arrives, but Barb is not happy with it. The words are spelled out in all caps and I was careful to choose a font that wasn’t all caps. I went ahead and used it on some envelopes and mailed the letters, but it bothered me to no end. Plus, the word, ‘Street’ had been abbreviated to, ‘ST’ while there was ample space to spell it out. I sent a Marco Polo to the Marvelous Mrs. M and whined about my disappointment with the embosser.

I shared with her about it being a custom order it cannot be returned, but she encouraged me to call the company to see if anything could be done, so I did and they were wonderful to work with. Come to find out, there was a technical glitch during the order process and auto-fill kicked in on their end capitalizing all the letters! Explaining to the customer service rep how I wanted it to look, compared to what I received, he discovered the technical glitch and offered to make a brand new one to my specifications for free.

Barb is happy. I think a lot of times in life we’re tempted to settle for the hand we’re dealt, but God wants His children happy. It’s up to us to keep inching forward for the desired outcome even when logically it seems impossible. I’m so grateful Mrs. M nudged me to dig deeper and reach out to the company, otherwise I probably would have stopped using the embosser and eventually discarded it. That would have been like throwing money in the trash.

Life is our classroom. May you pass every test.

Take a break from reading and listen instead.

10 thoughts on “The Classroom of Life

    • It’s all in the asking lovely. Sometimes we wait without letting our desires known. Hah! Marco Polo is an app I use to keep in touch with friends long distance. You record a live video and send it through the app to your friend. They can watch it at their convenience and respond in similar fashion. It’s a lot of fun and you get to see snippets of their life! 🥳


    • Awww…..that’s wonderfulness and I’m excited to read it! You will see it. The letter I mailed to you has this one used on the envelope, but I’m hopeful the new one will be even better. Isn’t it elegant? 🤗

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  1. Hi Barb,
    I am glad you didn’t settle. So often, I do. I end up accepting less so I don’t rock the boat, or I am not seen as demanding. I need to change that.
    I am notary, so every I use my stamp and embosser I feel special lol, yeah it doesn’t take much!
    Blessings to you!

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    • Heck Ana….maybe I should be a Notary and then I could play with it anytime! Never thought of that.

      I think God is watching as we go through trials and He can use them for our good and eventually His glory. With everything I’ve been going through since December and it’s still nowhere near over yet, I just wanted something to go right. When I saw the embosser wasn’t what I’d ordered it was like the last straw.

      Barb doesn’t simply rock the boat my darling…you get to a point where you stuff the boat with explosives and light the fuse! Sometimes to get to God’s very best we need to draw our sword and push back. Much love and many blessings my friend. 💖


  2. haha, You should be one!
    You go girl!!!
    I love this reply, specially ” you get to a point where you stuff the boat with explosives and light the fuse”!! Wise words!
    I hope that February becomes a great month for you!! I am sending you many good wishes and thoughts!

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