Handle With Care

I won my bet with Gary over the wreath from the post, Don’t Rush the Seasons. He said the wreath would make it’s debut by February 14th, but we’re nearing the end of March and it’s still not on the front door.

The wreath is more fragile than I anticipated. Reading the fine print on the box I learned it’s made from curled pieces of paper and is designed for indoor/outdoor use. It can hang outside in a covered area protected from the elements, but I’m not sure my front door qualifies as protected. It won’t do well in full sun, which living in Texas I have yet to see anything that does well with that.

It bothered me leaving it in it’s box, so over the weekend I unboxed the wreath and hung it on my bedroom door. It fancied up the entrance to my sacred space.

I’m not used to it there, so when walking by the door, my shoulder brushes against it. Then I noticed little pieces of paper on the floor and realized how fragile the wreath really is. If it can’t handle a little brush of the shoulder, how’s it going to hold up being outside in the elements? There’s a floral spray I can purchase to give it a protective coating to toughen it up for outside, but is that a solution?

I’m happy it’s out of the box and love seeing it on my bedroom door, but similarly to the flowerbeds in my previous post my front door remains wreathless for now. It shows me how fragile life is and if we took the time to read the fine print of life itself, I imagine much like this wreath it would say, handle with care.