Cooking For One (Maybe 2)

I recently streamed a movie entitled ‘Adam’ and it was very good. Adam is a grown man with Asperger’s Syndrome and at the beginning of the movie the camera showed how infinitely organized his flat was. In his freezer he had a row of frozen Amy’s Macaroni and Cheese, so Adam is basically my soulmate.

I love Mac and Cheese, but prefer homemade. Cooking for one can be challenging, which nowadays recipe sites offer an option for one, but this was before that. I’ve been toying with this recipe to where it’s nailed down to one person and if you love Mac and Cheese as much as me it never disappoints. I use a variety of pasta and my favorites by far are Bronze Cut Rigatoni, Penne, or Tortiglioni.

Cook the pasta until done to your liking and let drain in a strainer. While the pot, or pan is still hot, drop the butter in to melt and turn heat to low to add heavy cream along with cheese. Stir well and add cooked pasta stirring to combine thoroughly with cheese sauce. If you cook the recipe as listed here it will serve 2 people, but you can alter the serving to one on the recipe website. If there happens to be any leftover it’s delicious heated up the next day for a lite lunch!

Feature Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash