I’ve been told, “Everyone needs at least 10 minutes in Barb’s World.”

Welcome and I’m honored you’re here.

I’ve been Blogging on WP since 2014 under the nom de plume, Letitgocoach

I believe in and have a relationship with God, but don’t practice religion.

I have a 23 year old daughter and a 36 year old son.

Have been divorced from their father for 9 years.

This marks my third year being single.

An empty nester since July of 2022.

My favorite color is red and I hold a healthy obsession for cozy throws and chocolate.

I can’t recall the last time food was purchased from a drive thru window. I love to cook and do so for every meal.

The pour over method is used for making coffee. Chemex is my friend.

Celebrating 24 years sober.

I’d love for you to join me as the next chapter unfolds. 💖

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