To Be Used

I’ve been doing some cleaning and organizing of the home. Still looking at each item and asking if it supports the life I’m trying to create, mentioned in this post here.

Yesterday I tackled the top of the Armoire. There was a large tray sitting up there along with a few other things that needed to find their place, or go. I knew this tray would stay, but it hasn’t been used since my daughter moved out to be on her own. It was purchased decades ago to be used atop an ottoman which in translation means, it was just for looks. It’s handmade and I’m sure since it came from my previous married life, it cost a small fortune.

My daughter and I made a deal while packing up to leave my marriage. Every item we take is to be used. I recall taking that ottoman with us because it was also handmade and the top opened for the inside to be used for storage. The tray came along with the ottoman, but we didn’t use the tray very much until we moved here. We would watch a show, or movie sitting in the middle of my bed and the tray became a picnic platform for holding our meal.

We had many picnics from that tray and it adds value to our life, but it needed to be used.

I sat it in the middle of the massive wood table and added some of my favorite things. Things that are eye pleasing, but also used throughout my day. If this tray could talk it would tell you it was bought because it’s pretty. It’s been moved around a lot but it’s favorite part of life was picnics. Sitting here this morning it looks happy once again to be used.

7 thoughts on “To Be Used

  1. As you’re going through the process of organizing and cleaning . . . is it harder to get rid of the bigger items or smaller ones? In my own life, I suspect I would say both, the larger items might be more of a challenge to move, but the smaller items tend to have more of an emotional attachment. In any event, good luck.

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    • Hey Brian….thankfully I’m not very sentimental, but the challenge has been knowing what my daughter will want to use/see in her own life. If it comes down to moving, or traveling next year, I’ll rent a pod for the most meaningful items, but you’re right…it’s not easy figuring out what those are. It’s been an enlightening experience! As always, your comment is appreciated. Thank you. ✨

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      • That’s a comforting mindset to get into Brian and I’ve been there. “I might need that one day!” The way I look at it now is, if I haven’t used it in a year, or more, someone else needs it more than me. Things deteriorate from not being used and I’d rather give it away than it be wasted. If for some wild reason I do need it one day, there are good, used ones for sale. My pleasure and thank you. 🙌

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  2. I have always loved traveling light, taking with me only those things I would truly use.

    Being with someone who had a knack for filling every centimeter of every nook took more of a toll than I understood as every little bit of space was overrun. I thus woke up this morning still surrounded by things it’s not mine to clean or toss and … wanted to just rent a whole new place, and simply abandon everything–mine or not–in this one.

    This post shines a little light for me: Soon enough, I will be able to travel light again. Where I am at is not forever. What a beautiful reminder.

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    • That’s right Deborah…where you are is temporary. That’s difficult when the stuff isn’t yours, but I’m confident you’ll find your way. Thank you and I’m happy you saw some light. ✨

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