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Welcome to another installment of Share What You Know. The years we’ve spent roaming this earth, offer ample opportunity to learn and share what you know. Recently, I shared this tip with someone and it was like a revelation to them, so it’s my pleasure to share it here with you.

I like to purchase substantial shower curtain liners instead of the thin, throw away type. They usually have metal grommets protecting the holes they hang from and are weighted at the bottom. The heavier liners are not very expensive and here’s how investing in a good quality one can save you time and money in the long run.

Depending on the frequency and how many people are using your bathtub/shower, the liner can begin to look gross rather quickly. The simplest way I’ve found to clean it is to throw it in the washing machine with some suds and bleach. If you have some old towels that need bleaching, throw those in the washer as well to help weigh the liner down. It doesn’t take a lot of bleach for this method and you don’t want to use to much because bleach will eat holes through the plastic.

Once the washing machine is done, grab a large bucket or storage container. You’re going to use this to place the shower curtain liner into to effortlessly carry it back to the bathroom without dripping bleach. Sit it inside your tub and begin hanging your liner. I do this a couple of times a year and haven’t had to buy a new liner in a long time. There’s one less shower curtain liner in our landfills. 🥳

10 thoughts on “Share What You Know

  1. Good morning. I use the soap scum spray on the plastic liners and it cleans them right up even when they look very interesting. It does a great job clean them without removing. There’s always the option of those cloth ones like you see in higher end hotels. Hope all is well. Glad to see you’re still writing. Peace .

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    • AHHHHHH….Hey Greg! I was hoping a guy would weigh in, but never would have thought it’d be you. What a sweet surprise! I’ll have to try that because removing it and re-hanging is a chore, so thanks for the tip. All is well and hope the same for you. Forever writing my friend. Peace. 🙏


    • Hahaha…Ana! I guess it just depends if you want to clean it, or does it suit your lifestyle better to replace it when needed? Better quality does trump quantity in my book. Thank you and many blessings to you!


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