Don’t Lose Heart

The first time I saw Steven Curtis Chapman was over 20 years ago in a video of his song, Dive, which you can view here. It was playing in a church I was attending, right before someone was going to be baptized. They had a pool inside this church the size and shape of a hot tub, without the jets, that you stood in with the preacher. After saying the appropriate words, he leans you all the way back, completely submerged by water and pulls you back up.

January wasn’t the best and I’m grateful to be standing in February. There has been sickness, trials and tribulation all piled into one month, so by January 30th, Barb sat down and had a 30-minute crying session. This doesn’t happen very often, but I felt better afterwards. Pandora was playing in the background and in that moment I heard a familiar voice. It was Steven Curtis Chapman advertising one of his new songs, ‘Don’t Lose Heart’.

I opened my laptop and Googled the song.

I kept this song open on my laptop all week and listened to it everyday. The timing of hearing Steven’s voice was God using him to pull me out of despair and back into the light. Every word was like water to this weary soul, because my faith was crumbling and I was losing all hope this situation would end. I’d done all I knew to do, but then we need to hand the outcome to God. He wants us to trust His timing and I was failing miserably because I’m human.

Whatever you may be going through let me assure you, the hard stuff makes us better. We can’t see it while we’re in it, but it’s true. Just don’t lose heart.

21 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Heart

  1. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. I am still in some rough times, too. I know I’m growing stronger for going through this, as are you, but it still hurts when you’re in the middle of it. I have another song for you – I had reason to send this to someone a while ago, and it’s one of a few that comfort me, so I want to share with you, too. “You’re Gonna Be Okay”

    Where would we be without music? ❤️😘

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    • It’s wild Jeanne, but after going through this for what feels like forever, it’s taking time for my body to relax…like it built up a lot of tension and dropped an anchor to stay awhile. Each day gets a little bit better and thank you for sharing this song. I’ve heard it before and it helps to know that all of this is only temporary and we are gonna be okay. Better than okay is the hope.

      Trials make us better and I recently changed my phone’s lock screen to this quote, “He’s preparing you for what He’s prepared for you.” We are going to get through it and then it will all make sense. Music is like water from the well. 💖🤗

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      • Like water from the well …. I love that. Always we get stronger, so long as we are paying attention and can find that hope. I have another great song for you, but am headed out in a few, so back later. You’ll love it.
        Meanwhile … I dance every day – it makes me happy – and a great song about getting stronger (even if it is kind of a break-up song), is Kelly Clarkson’s “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger” – yup, stand a little taller. ❤️😘
        Back later ….

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  2. Me again. 😀 This song – “Where the Heart Is” – is by a band/duo named Haevn. They are the first band I have heard in a millennium whose music I love, every song, and who I would actually pay to see. A very big compliment. Here’s what they say about it – “Where the heart is was the first song we ever wrote. A song about conquering yourself. A life on the other side of fear. Having faith at all times.” – let me know what you think. ❤️

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