Survive the Storm

The storm lasted through the night, but today the thunder and lightning has passed leaving a gentle rain in it’s place. Before the storm arrived, I brought the wreath from the front door inside and I swear with the weather we’ve been having this year this wreath has hung indoors more than out, but thanks to my friend Dawn, I like it equally in either place.

During the storm, the Marvelous Mrs. M. Marco Polo’d me just to make sure everything was alright. She had seen a neighbor’s post on Instagram of the golf ball sized hail we received, but it’s been a long time since seeing hail come down as hard as rain and roll down the street.

I’m not a fan of storms and almost admire those who can sit outside to watch them pass through, but God has brought me a long way this year through storms both literally and figuratively. It began back in January with the simple and yet surrendering act of continually trusting Him through each and every one. The red banana tree planted outside my window took a beating from the hail of our most recent storm and I didn’t think quickly enough to even try to protect it.

There was no need for me to intervene because that’s a part of that ‘trusting Him’ in all things, even protecting a banana tree that’s too heavy to move indoors. Seeing it’s tattered leaves shredded by the hail it looks beaten, but it’s still standing tall and upright, so it survived. I think we all feel like this banana tree looks after a storm, but the storm does pass and it doesn’t last forever.

Our part is to make it through.

It’s outer leaves look rough, but let’s take a look inside.

There’s growth, shiny and new.

We may get the crap beat out of us like Mr. Banana, but there’s strength to be gained during each and every storm. The storm is growing us from the inside, but we won’t realize all the benefits of growth until after we survive the storm.

9 thoughts on “Survive the Storm

    • Hahaha…You know you love that wreath Gary! I’m not fond of it either and we’ve had so much of it this year that my dogs have become acclimated to it. They used to pace around during the storm, but now they alert me when it’s coming and then hunker down in their respective hiding places. 😄


  1. Thank you for the mention my friend. Your insight in this piece is right on, as usual.
    I believe we learn the most when we experience challenges in our lives. I wish it weren’t so. I wish we learned more during happy times. Our psyche doesn’t seem to work that way. It’s when we are challenged that we see the light. 🤍

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    • It’s my pleasure Dawn and I was just pondering this morning why doesn’t happiness come rushing in like disruption does? You are right though…we learn something during the challenge and it makes us stronger as we go through it. I with you in wishing it was different at times. Thank you, as always, for sharing. 💖

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