You Do You Boo

It’s Friday morning around 10:00 am, and I’m sitting at the massive wood kitchen table that has evolved into a giant desk. Looking away from the laptop screen onto the window I spot the mail carrier’s van sitting in front of my mailbox. Laying my glasses aside I head for the door, step outside and stroll through the front yard, across the street to the mailbox. That’s when I spotted it…

My neighbors had company and they were still seated in their vehicle with a clear view of yours truly. It bothered me for half a second, but then I felt my back straighten to stand at full height and lifted my chin as if I belonged there.

Here’s a detail about my walk to the mailbox. I was still wearing my pajamas, robe and pink suede house boots. This is not unusual and sometimes you’ll catch me still wearing that at noon if it’s a Friday, or weekend. (The joys of being single and working from home.) None of my outfit matches, so I’m sure it’s a sight to behold for a stranger, but my actual neighbors seem to think it’s part of Barb’s charm. Hercules commented recently, “That’s a nice robe you have there Barbara.”

When people ask, “What do you do for fun?”, I exclaim…”I write letters to people all over the world!” Silence. I wrote about letter writing last year that you can read here, so seeing the mail arrive is happiness for me. I don’t expect a letter in return, but opening the mailbox and seeing a small stack of them is sweet!

Don’t give a single thought what other people think.

You do you boo.

PS. If you’d like to receive a hand-written letter, email your details to

12 thoughts on “You Do You Boo

  1. Lovely post Barb. I have said it before and I say it again, thank you for your card. I have bought some cards, so I can use one especially for you. I hope to sit down and take that time to write something. X

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    • Thank you Liz. Ahhhh…You are the sweetest! I’m excited to receive a card from you and will mail you one in return. There’s a company called that I enjoy using especially if you’re ever in the market for something motivational, or funny. Much love to you my friend. xx

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  2. You do you, too, boo!
    It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and even longer that I have visited my friends and liked and/or commented on their posts. Someday, I’ll catch you up on where I’ve been, but meanwhile, I’m stopping by to visit a bit. Love the boots, and love your bravado in venturing out in PJ’s and robe. You’re a tougher cookie than me on that count!!

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