In Awe of the Moment

You know I’m feeling better when I slip on a sarcastic saying t-shirt and go for a walk. That will be the one time you bump into a neighbor you’ve never met before and they’ll want to stop and chat, but you hold firm to no apologies for the shirt.

Afterwards, I really wanted a cup of coffee, but not just any coffee…I wanted a magical cup of brew, so that idea took me to the coffee shop where I first purchased the shirt. When I stepped into the shop, the girl behind the counter busted out laughing and commented on the shirt. I ordered my favorite drink, picked up a couple of funny cards to send to friends and came home.

The coffee tasted like magic.

During my walk, I couldn’t get over how perfect the outdoor temperature was. I stopped at one point in the middle of the street and looked up at the sky to marvel at the shade of clear blue. I could have stood suspended in that moment for an hour, but heard a truck coming up behind me and moved out of the way. If someone would have looked out their window and saw me wearing this t-shirt with my face tilted toward the sky they probably would have wondered what the heck I was doing, but that didn’t bother me.

If they asked I would have told them….

I’m standing in awe of the moment.

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20 thoughts on “In Awe of the Moment

  1. Yes, there are times when coffee tastes like magic. I’ve always wondered where that came from? Is it a certain type of bean? I tend to go pretty simple: coffee with cream that’s it. If I tried some of the different varieties, would that increase my chance of a magical brew? Ha, ha, I’m sorry for the flurry of questions, but I just love that line, because it’s so right, so true. Thanks for sharing Barb. You keep standing in awe of the moment! Love it.

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    • Brian, I just tried to leave a comment on your blog post about your mom (and her leaving the Amish community)…Hopefully, Barb won’t mind me leaving it here…..What a powerful story! I can see why your mom’s sisters death was such a powerful catalyst in her decision. I came to your blog via Barb’s blog just now.. That link you had to this story led me here:-) Your mom is a courageous woman, glad she didn’t have to be shunned. I’m guessing she would have still made the same decision to leave, but this worked out a lot better. DM

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    • I’m not sure why it tastes more magical at times Brian. In this instance it’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve enjoyed the taste of it, so going to one of my favorite haunts increased the odds of it tasting divine. You are welcome and thank you as always for sharing your thoughts.

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    • Hey Ana and thank you! I didn’t put the saying in the Blogpost, but the shirt says, ‘Don’t be a dick’. Hahaha…People either love it and laugh, or glare at me in disgust. Lol Many blessings my friend. xx


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